Why I switched to QNAP from Synology

When I was planning to buy a new NAS to replace my aging Synology one which i liked a lot. I wanted a x86 based one, as I like to tinker with VM’s and containers (but still want it simple). Of course I checked out the Synology ones first but then I saw something very scary, they wanted a yearly licensing fee for using Docker…WTF! This is just silly and they will lose prosumers and eventually small businesses. So I ended up buying a QNAP TS-453A.

Correction: I might have misunderstood the licensing, but hey Synology needs to clarify this better on their page!  If there’s no license cost the Synology DS916+ would have been a good choice too, 10% faster CPU but less features.

My old NAS (Synology 413j)
+ Great NAS that did everything I liked at the time, but my needs grew.
– Slow (by today’s standard).
– Not x86 based so will have “problems” with VM’s and containers.

My first impression of Qnap TS-453a
+ Intel x86 based (N3160).
+ Very fast (extremely fast compared to my old NAS).
+ So many features (many more compared to my old Synology NAS).
+ QNAP Container station is so easy to use. Setup of a new container was a breeze. Docker all the way!
– QNAP doesn’t have download client plugin to chrome but there are other replacements, so no biggie.

To sum up, very happy with my switch!


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