This site is primary used for development and testing. The main site is hosted in the cloud but many of the links go to a private network/server with a dynamic IP-Address (FreeDNS is used).

Most services are actually hosted on very basic hardware, a number of Raspberry Pi 4‘s running a Docker swarm using network distributed storage (Gluster).

The use of a none business internet line combined with dynamic IP-address will cause some inconsistency regarding certain links (~99.99% uptime). Let’s Encrypt is used for the majority of the SSL encryption and exclusively for all sub domains. They offer basic level protection totally free, though they appreciate donations.

Let's Encrypt
Let’s Encrypt

Future improvements/todo list

  • Use signed certificates from a certificate authority for my home NAS, as I’m using self-signed certificates today. Possibly use Let’s Encrypt as it is free and works great.
  • Use NGINX as reverse proxy to handle all traffic and enable SSL.
  • Setup Apache Guacamole on NAS to enable Remote Desktop through HTML.
  • Investigate SSO through NGINX and possibly implement it.
  • Switch CMS to something more interesting, possibly react or angular based front-end, today WordPress is used.